A Wedding Planner Needing a Wedding Planner?

YES! It’s true. The title of this blog post is absolutely true. As a wedding planner, I was so excited to plan my own wedding. I mean of course I was, I had free reign on everything. My husband said the one thing he wanted was a live band. So, we booked a live band and the rest was up to me!

So, eagerly I got started on my planning and it was the most relaxed and fun experience. However, as my wedding drew closer and closer, I started to think about the flow of my wedding day. That’s when I started to feel a wee bit nervous. Would I get up before my makeup and hair appointment to help setup the venue how I wanted it? Would I deliver the place settings, welcome table pieces, and other special items that Justin and I wanted to include? My mind started to spin about all of the aspects that I couldn’t accomplish. The only real option was to clone myself and clearly this was not a realistic option.

A friend offered to help do some tasks day of and she was already a wedding guest. There was no way I could ask a friend to work and not enjoy the wedding. I also knew that she might not completely know all the ins and outs of how the day should run. The responsibility seemed to be so great, that I shouldn’t put that on a close friend and expect she would be working for the whole night.

After spending so much time planning, was it worth it for me to spend my wedding day working? I knew that could not be an option because I wanted to enjoy every moment. I didn’t want to worry about ensuring cocktail hour was finished in time to move to dinner; or that my friends and family, who were delivering speeches, were kept on time so that our dinner didn’t run until 10pm. I knew I wanted to get out on that dance floor to show off our first dance that was choreographed to The Time of My Life from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. If you’re wondering, yes, we did do a lift and thankfully I didn’t fall.

With two months until wedding time, I knew I hadn’t budgeted for a wedding planner. I was trying to contact my wedding venue to seek some advice and see what role their coordinator would play. At different venues, some venue coordinators can be more involved than others. However, for the most part, venue coordinators are just that, coordinators for the venue and that’s where it ends. I noticed that there were at least three or four coordinators over the span of a year while communicating with my wedding venue. This did not provide me with any peace of mind as no one was there consistently looking after my best interest.

I then decided that if I had spent so much time and money on this wedding, adding an additional nominal amount wouldn’t break the bank. This might sound biased, but I can honestly say, hiring a month of coordinator was the best decision I could have made. I planned everything up until the day of and my coordinator and I worked together to complete the rest. On the morning of my wedding, I woke up feeling excited and relaxed- exactly how a bride should feel!

In the grand scheme of budget and wedding costs, looking back, I feel so good about my decision. Whether it’s month of coordination, wedding design, or full coordination, VOW is committed to the details. You will have someone that is looking after you and your partner’s vision and executing it with grace and beauty. If you want to chat weddings, we would love to meet with you!